Modernizing Jane Austen

Discussing how to teach Jane Austen in the digital era through a meme essay.


When it comes to the classics – there’s always terror

These days you tell a student that they’re going to read something from before their time period and they have a minor heart attack. But there’s more to Jane Austen than 18th century language and ballroom dancing.


Wait, so we can make classic literature fun for our students?!

It’s shocking right?! But when you think about it, what’s missing is that hook to make the reading engaging in an age when we’d rather have our nose stuck in a phone rather than a book.


But it’s not as easy as 1…2…3!

Teaching was never meant to be easy – so get ready to think outside the box! If you want to teach classic literature to our current generation, that means creativity and thinking in the digital age.


Wait, memes aren’t just pictures with funny captions?!

Often we think we have to create full reenactments of certain scenes as the students read, BUT why not try something new?! Student’s love seeing memes used in the classroom, so why not let them use their own?!


Who said you can’t use Social Media as a teaching tool?!

The 21st Century student LOVES social media…so why not let them use it to YOUR advantage?! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr can all be used as unique teaching tools in the classroom.


Who knew that anyone can put something on YouTube?!

Students love binge watching on YouTube – so let them add their own video to the website! Some video ideas could include book trailers, reenactments of scenes from the book, book reviews, etc.


Don’t follow everyone else – come up with your own ideas!

This is an introduction to a new way of teaching in the classroom. So don’t just depend on what you find online. Part of being a teacher is using your creativity in your lesson plans, so get creative and come up with your own ideas! It’s all about trial and error.


Because everyone wants to be Julie Andrews

When your student’s are enjoying what they’re learning, the process becomes so much easier for you! So don’t drag your feet to class every day – try something new and you’ll find yourself singing to the birds and skipping in the imaginary fields on your way to school.


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